5 Olive Oil Uses for Hair, Weight Loss, Skin, and More

5 Olive Oil Uses for Hair, Weight Loss, Skin, and More

The healing properties of olive oil are numerous. A pure olive oil obtained by pressing is one of the rare products that is absorbed by our body by 100%.

Today, we want to talk about the most popular uses of olive oil. Probably, you will discover some fact you didn’t know before that will encourage you to buy a bottle of this “natural gift”.

What are the best ways to use olive oil?

Olive oil for cooking

The use of olive oil in cooking is fundamental for the cuisines of many countries. It is used practically at all stages of cooking. For example, higher grades perfectly complement the taste of cold appetizers, sauces, salads, giving them an extra flavor. If you want to use it for frying, you’d better use a refined oil. Despite the lower category, such a product will not form carcinogens.

Add a slightly warmed oil to the most ordinary boiled pasta – you will get an extremely tasty and healthy dish. And try to sprinkle a piece of roasted toast, add a slice of tomato and a sprig of basil – you will get a real delicacy. See, using olive oil you can easily diversify any food.

You can use this recipe from Italian restaurants. Add various aromatic products (garlic, lemon, basil, etc.) in the bottle with olive oil and use as a refueling. You can store such a preparation throughout the year in a dark and cool place.

Olive oil for weight loss

The easiest way to lose weight with olive oil is to take it on an empty stomach every morning. You will lose a couple extra kilograms per month. In combination with physical exercises, you will bring your body into an excellent shape. In addition, this effect will be long-term, in contrast to diets.

The researchers have discovered that olive oil contains oleic acid, which produces a special enzyme. It can feed nerve impulses to the brain signaling satiety. Thus, the feeling of hunger disappears much faster, and we eat much less.

Canadian Health&Care Mall experts recommend starting the process of losing weight with one teaspoon per day, gradually increasing the dose. Do not drink and eat during the next hour.

During the process of losing weight, you can lubricate the skin of the chest, abdomen, buttocks with olive oil to avoid stretch marks. The vitamin E has regenerating properties and improves skin condition. Add a couple drops of aromatic oil, and you will make the procedure enjoyable. A good mood and a smile on your face will greatly enhance the effect of the product!

Olive oil for skin

olive oilsOlive oil not only cleanses the skin of any type but also protects it from drying, makes it supple and elastic. For this procedure, you should put the container with oil into the hot water. Then moisten the cotton swab in hot water, dip it in warm oil and wipe the face, neck and decollete skin with a swab. After 2-3 minutes, wipe the oil with a tissue or rinse with warm water.

Extra virgin olive oil is the perfect make-up remover. It not only removes cosmetics but also eliminates peeling, inflammation, prevents the formation of premature wrinkles. This drug is not comedogenic, so it is suitable for both dry and oily problem skin. To remove makeup, moisten a cotton swab with warm oil and wipe the skin. If this procedure is performed before going to bed, you can leave the oil on your skin until the morning. However, if you have oily skin, we recommend washing your face with cool water 5-10 minutes after the procedure.

Organic olive oil is also widely used for the care of the eye skin. It allows you to moisturize the thin skin under the eyes and smooth out the small wrinkles. Just apply a little warm olive oil to this area. Do not apply it to the moving part of the upper and lower eyelid – they easily swell. After 30-40 minutes, remove the excess with paper towel.

Pure olive oil can also be applied to lips because this is one of the most sensitive areas on our face and needs special attention. To soften, moisturize and nourish the lips, apply a small amount of oil on this area.

To moisturize the skin, you can simply lubricate the face with slightly warmed olive oil and leave it for 20-30 minutes. If you have dry skin, the product will make it softer and eliminate the peeling. If you have combined skin, apply olive oil several times a day. Normal skin should be oiled 2-3 times a week.

Oil for a perfect body

According to the latest Canadian Health&Care Mall research, thanks to the high content of active ingredients, nutrition, and deep hydration, extra virgin olive oil perfectly restores and protects the skin from aging, reduces the risk of melanoma. Therefore, doctors recommend applying olive oil before and after tanning to remove the negative impact of harmful UV rays.

You want your body to be beautiful, smooth and elastic? Then you need to do the following procedure once a week. Apply olive oil to the body, leave for 30 minutes and wash it off (no soap and shower gel!). This will help your skin remain fresh and young.

Pure olive oil is great for skin of your hands. Before going to bed, massage a tablespoon of the product into the clean skin and put on cotton gloves for the night. In the morning you will be pleasantly surprised.

The product is also perfect for puff-nails. If your nails are dry and brittle, apply an olive oil to this area for 30 minutes. For best results, add a couple drops of lemon juice.

Another tip from Canadian Health&Care Mall: to make the skin smooth and silky, try adding a few tablespoons of olive oil to the bath, add a drop of your favorite essential oil, and you will get a wonderful remedy that will not only make the skin beautiful but also help relieve stress. The skin will become softer and beautiful. Besides, the oil will help to remove itching.

Natural olive oil can be used instead of a shaving cream, for the removal of unwanted vegetation from the feet and hands. Men can use it for the face.

You can quickly get rid of bruises with the help of a cabbage leaf, soaked in olive oil and applied to the damaged area.

Olive oil for hair

To make hair beautiful and healthy, do not neglect the scalp and hair massage with the use of olive oil. This helps you avoid split ends and dandruff, makes hair shiny and silky.

In the East, women use of olive oil with a few drops of aromatic essential oils. The oil is slightly heated (but not boiled!). To increase the efficiency, add aromatic oils (for example, 1-2 drops of tea tree oil, orange, sandalwood, sage) and rub them into the hair and scalp, or use a hot wet towel. Then leave the towel on the head in the form of a turban to intensify the effect. After an hour or two, you can wash your hair with shampoo. This procedure should be carried out at least once a week. It gives hair vitality and shine and prevents hair loss.

Try olive oil and be beautiful! Thank you for attention!